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Evidence of Hamas Fighting the Syrian Arab Army

Evidence of Hamas Fighting the Syrian Arab Army

Posted by: Arabi Souri October 12, 2013 in Syria

Hamas organization, the faction ruling the Gaza strip, has joined the coalition of the Muslim Brotherhood against the secular states of Syria, Egypt and what’s left of Lebanon. The evidence was reported continuously by Syrian activists based on information obtained from security quarters and each time the Syrian government and the politicians of the Lebanese resistance movement Hizbullah would deny or soften the tone. Seems there might be a change in the tone coming.
Hamas is a Muslim Brotherhood group, or aligned to the Muslim Brotherhood organization, or at least follows the same ideology of the organization created by the Brits in 1929 in Egypt, much earlier before in Arabia which helped Al Saud take power and name Arabia after his name, and branched all over the Middle East and North Africa in a cancerous way. Al Qaeda is one variation of the organization, Ayman Zawahri, the current leader of the terrorist group comes from Egyptian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.

When Obama Raised the Muslim Brotherhood
Hamas role in digging tunnels aiding Al Qaeda terrorists in Damascus countryside, Al Qussayr and other areas, training the terrorists on weapons, and contributing in the fight like what happened in Yarmouk camp neighborhood south of Damascus then the clear alliance the group’s politburo chief Khaled Mishaal took under the wing of Qatar against the Syrian state left no place to doubt the group’s anti-Syrian position, forgetting all what the Syrian state offered Palestinians in general and this group in particular. However, Syria and Hizbullah always depended on the clear vision of the military wing of Hamas and some of its leaders whom were difficult for the Qataris to buy.
This might be the first time the Syrian media shows a footage with Hamas name that clearly exposed among the material confiscated during one of the operations carried out by SAA, the Syrian Arab Army in Damascus countryside, in precise between Bahdaliyah and Ziabiyeh towns. The display of Hamas flag cannot be missed in the following report uploaded by Syrian official state TV channel which indicates with no fail a shift in the policy towards the Palestinian group that preferred their ideological buddies’ interests over their nation’s interests. (Watch on YouTube):

A Syrian activist almost a year ago commented: ‘See where the Palestinians stand to know who wins, they usually align themselves with the losing party‘. Of course not all Palestinians and not all their factions.

Hamas Biting the Syrian Hand

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