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L’armée syrienne libre (OTAN) tire sur les enfant

Publié dans : Crimes de Guerre/Torture/War Crimes

L’armée syrienne libre (OTAN) tire sur les enfants (+video)/’Free Syrian Army’ Terrorists Exposed Shooting Directly Towards Children On Camera



Sur cette vidéo, on voit clairement des membres de « L’Armée syrienne libre » (ASL ») en train de tirer sur un enfant devant sa maison. Tous les crimes perpétrés par ces terroristes, parmi lesquels de nombreux membres d’Al Qaïda, sont filmés par eux-mêmes et ensuite transmis aux télévisions arabes et occidentales comme « preuves » des exactions du régime de Bachar-El-Assad envers sa population.


‘Free Syrian Army’ filmed shooting directly in direction of visible children in street outside a house, on the pretext of ambushing a Syrian army convoy. The children had no fear of the Syrian Army as the convoy passed them by. However, the terrorists of the ‘Free Syrian Army’ cannot be trusted with the lives of those they say they care about, they are very careless with the lives of the children who run as the terrorists shoot in their direction. They are very happy to have them shot dead or blown up, and then they come and film their dead bodies for recruitment videos.

This video shows how the ‘Free Syrian Army’, a loose grouping of armed terror groups including several Al-Qaeda groups, is ready to shoot at children. They would have seen the children just as clearly as they could see the army convoy beside the kids. They have no excuse for opening fire on the army convoy, unless they are blind. And they are shooting at the place where the children are even as there is no army vehicle between them and the children. It looks like they are deliberately or very recklessly shooting at the children. Every time a kid dies, it is a propaganda scoup for the terrorists.


The misguided principle of killing innocents for a ‘greater cause’ or ‘greater good’ is based on the idea that a few hundred dead innocents which prompts an intervention is preferable to many thousands more dead innocents if a civil war begins and cannot be won by the armed groups.

This appears much like the story of journalist Alex Thomson, who recently said he was set up by the ‘Free Syrian Army’ to be killed for a propaganda story. Furthermore, he was a journalist exclusively covering their side of the story! Syria – Alex Thomson, ‘Syrian rebels tried to get me killed’ 09-06-2012 

The Syrian government has also intercepted a telephone call between terrorists where the appear to be setting up massacres of civilians for propaganda purposes. Such accounts are credible and fit in with the wider picture of the conflict. Terrorists plan massacre to be blamed on the Government

The ‘Free Syrian Army’ has been caught red handed previously planting bombs and then claiming that the government has been shelling the UN. This shows the mentality of these people and how far they are prepared to go to kill innocent people for a good story

Terrorists Plant Explosive Device On UN Monitors Vehicle And Film It For Propanganda As A Government Missile Attack- May 15th 2012


Photo: RT 8 juillet 2012

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